because words seem so much more powerful when someone has taken the time to pour them out in paint

I wanted to share this photo of my dog. It’s been three months to this day that we had to put him down. He was 17 years old… he had a good run.

He was my best friend, and I like to believe that I was his. From the young age of five, this little guy was my constant companion, no matter what.

Every year on his birthday I demanded he have his own cake, and have his turn ripping open his presents. He loved rollerblading with me, and boy did he sure pull for a dog his size! He was full to the brim of personality… when I started dating my boyfriend 5 years ago, he would always walk up and wedge his pudgy little body between us so we couldn’t snuggle. I like to think he approved of my boyfriend, but was still protective like an older brother. 

I know this isn’t watercolor, nor words, but I just want his cute little face to brighten up someone’s day. This picture sits right next to my computer and I see his little smile every day, and sometimes that is just what I need. The ones we love never truly leave us, and he will be with me forever. 

Much love to my followers <3  

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